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How to Use an Interdental Brush

Interdental brushes are special cleaning tools that come in different sizes. They are cone-shaped and can help you clean areas that regular toothbrush bristles can’t reach. They’re also useful for cleaning bridges and dentures. It’s important to clean the margins of the tooth/bridge interface effectively because decay is most likely to occur there.

To use the interdental brush, clean along the margins with the tip of the brush. Be sure to clean under the connectors, which a regular toothbrush can’t reach. Dental floss can’t reach these areas, so it’s important to clean them properly to prevent tooth decay and gum problems.

If you have braces, interdental brushes can remove plaque from around the brackets and in the spaces between the wires and your teeth. For dentures, an interdental brush can be used to clean beneath the retainer bars. People with difficulty using their hands may need help from a caregiver to properly clean under the bar.

Author: Thomas J. Greany, D.D.S. / Editor: Ken Lambrecht

This page was last updated on May 8, 2023.