Advertising policy

Per HON Guidelines, we share our policy on advertisements

Since 2008, has been supported by the licensing of ToothIQ dental animations to dental professionals for use on their websites. The only advertisement is an ad for ToothIQ’s own videos (licensed for use by dental professionals). These ads appear at the top of the right sidebar and are clearly marked as “Advertisement” in the upper left corner of the ads.

In order to maintain unbiased content and avoid conflicts of interest, Symbyos does not accept advertisements or compensation from third parties in exchange for generation of content, or promotion of products or services.

Any contributors to the informative dental content presented on ToothIQ are required to disclose and give written evidence of their professional credentials, industry sponsorships and affiliations (or an affidavit of non-affiliation) to Symbyos before their material is considered for publication on

Symbyos reserves the right to cite references at its sole discretion, but under no circumstances will it produce or publish dental content in exchange for endorsements.

Other related notes: does not have non-paying or “friendly” banners or links. There are no pop-up ads on There is no editorial content on

This advertising policy applies only to If you visit links to third-party web sites that are provided on ToothIQ, you should read the individual advertising policies of those sites. Symbyos does not have control over and is not responsible for the advertising policies of web sites it does not own or maintain.

Last update: August 12, 2019