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Dental Bridges / Fixed Partial Dentures


Preparation of teeth for a 3-unit porcelain fused to metal bridge.

A dental bridge is a type of partial denture, built to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are held in place in the mouth by slipping them over, and cementing them to, specially prepared abutment teeth, adjacent to the missing teeth. A fixed dental bridge means the bridge is cemented onto the abutment teeth, and is not intended to be removed by the patient. Dental bridges can be made from a variety of metals, porcelain, ceramic, tooth colored resin, or combinations of these materials. They can be made to look and function very much like natural teeth.

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Author: Thomas J. Greany, D.D.S. / Editor: Ken Lambrecht

This page was last updated on December 13, 2018.

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